Tracey Gallacher

Owner, Acorn Foot Practice

I am Tracey Gallacher and started my journey caring for people back in 1991 when I first qualified as Foot Health Professional, this path felt right for me as I love helping people feel better and have direct contact with people.  It took me until 2007 to break free from 'normal' employment and set up Acorn Foot Practice,  finally setting up Clinic in 2011 in West Blackhall Street, Greenock.


My journey did not stop with treating just feet. I discovered an interest in holistic therapies and qualified in Reflexology in 1992 which stirred my enthusiasm to delve further into the world of holistic therapies and their benefits for my clients.


The body is phenomenal and with the right messages delivered through these therapies it is able to heal and give people amazing relief from ailments and pain.


With my love for learning I have studied many therapies including Reiki, Hopi Ear Candling to name but a few. Then in 2004 I stumbled upon the Bowen Technique and was amazed by what looks like small, light moves how it can positively impact peoples levels of aches and pain. Ultimately, I am striving to help people reduce their levels of pain and have a better quality of life.


After vowing not to complete any further new studies, as the Bowen training was intense, I was introduced to the Emmett Technique. One of the benefits of the therapy is that it can be blended into many other existing therapies but also used as a stand alone therapy.  After a 2 day taster course I was blown away by the quick results and levels of change this light touch technique brings.  This element of popping in a few “First Aid” moves is  what drew me to complete the studies to an Advanced Practitioner level, which I have just gain in November 2018.


The advantage of all the therapies I offer is that there’s no need to remove any clothing, well except your sock for Reflexology. Meaning the therapies are accessible to many people from all walks of life.


I have a passion to help people through all the therapies I offer on all level, physical, emotional and inner peace.


I feel so lucky to do a job which I absolutely love - helping people feel healthier and gain more enjoyment out of life.